Melinda Eliza Sabo
the art of Melinda Eliza

Melinda’s artwork is colorful, vibrant, and ornately textured. It focuses primarily on images of the divine feminine. Her work is inspired by mythology, legend, and symbols. Melinda is strongly influenced by ancient sculpture, sacred art, and cubism. She is available for commission work, sells original paintings and high quality prints, and she leads creativity lectures and workshops.

Melinda herself – A Visual Scavenger Hunt

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Wanderlust.   Poppies.   Peace Corps.  
 Yoga.   Novels.   INFJ.   Crows.   Americanos.   
Virginia Woolf.   Waltzes.   Gloria Steinem.   
Cardamom.   Dry Red Wine.   Road Trips.   Frida Kahlo.
Used Book Stores.   Billie Holiday.   Vegetarian.   History.
Hiking.   Manual Transmissions.   Moonrises.     
Quinacridone Magenta.  Tattoos.   Feminism.   Irish Breakfast Tea.

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Because you’re still reading, we’ll share a bit of Melinda’s silly side. This is her favorite childhood portrait. She often still feels this full of wonder and joy – especially when she’s grooving in the studio.

Proof of precocious fabulousness - several decades later, Melinda is still (in many ways) this wonder-filled little girl.