By Melinda Eliza

The Creative Rituals of a New Project: Prayers and Underpainting

Creativity Tip: Create your own ritual to mark the start of a new creative project. It’s a simple way to celebrate your creative practice. Most of my rituals involve prayer; yours should include whatever helps you find your voice and celebrate the beginning of something fresh and new. Is it the singing of a specific song? The …

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On Inspiration: Art Museums and Agape Love

Three days. Three cities. Three art museums. Three special exhibits. 300,000 shiny ideas. When I travel, I love to visit art museums. And when I say love, I mean equal parts deep, intellectual excitement and exuberant, jump-up-and-down-and-clap-your-hands love.  Art and community service restore me…if that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is. Art museums inform …

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Following the Joy (or Watching for Magnolias)

Sometimes life falls apart and you’re left questioning everything about everything. Are you worthy of love? Is your art any good? Do you have any talent? Should you throw in the towel and spend your extra time volunteering? Is it all just navel-gazing bull shit? I’ve been struggling with all of these questions (and more) …

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The Muse as Shapeshifter

The Muse as Shapeshifter Sometimes the simplest ideas have the largest impacts.  Likewise, a single, just-right question can change everything. Many years ago a creativity guru asked me:  “Are you punishing yourself by not making the time you need for your art?”  This simple question had a huge impact on my practice and the amount …

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Remnants of Creativity

The Remnants of Creativity

REMNANTS of CREATIVITY:  A few months ago, a group of amazing women artists that I’m a part of called CAW (Creative Arts for Women) announced a group show with the theme of “Remnants.”  I walked around with the idea of remnants for a while and played with literal and figurative ideas.  I’m finishing the last …

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Shiny Things - How to FInish Your Creative Projects

Overcoming The Distraction of Shiny Things – How to Finish Your Creative Project

Is it just me, or does it seem like the number of exciting, shiny-new ideas increases in direct proportion to one’s proximity to the end of a project? It sure feels that way to me.  I’m working on final revisions for my first novel and despite being about to realize a dream I’ve held in …

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How to Quickly Find Your Creative Flow

The Secret to Quickly Finding Your Creative Flow or Why Silliness is a Powerful Creative Tool

It can be difficult to find time for creative pursuits and even more challenging to transition into meaningful, creative production when we do find time.  I used to grumble in frustration about the amount of time I wasted moving into a place of creative flow until I developed a set of rituals to assist me …

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