I was not born for one corner; the whole world is my native land.  -Seneca

Melinda lives in the American Midwest in a small town just outside of Columbus, Ohio called Dublin. The rooms in her home are full of books; the dining room is full of canvases and paint; the kitchen cabinets are full of teas, coffee beans, and spices; the patio is full of plants and twinkly lights; and the skies are full of crows and lightning bugs. Always underfoot is her tabby cat, Captain Wentworth. Just down the street is a big river and a tall waterfall. In the other direction is a magical park with a gurgling river and a twisty path through tall, majestic trees that leads to the library, the pastry shop, the ice cream parlor, the coffee shop, and the pub. Life is good.

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E-mail: Believe@MelindaEliza.com

Phone: 614.499.3534

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