I am an Artist for Love – I am Thankful for You


This week you will receive a million-zillion e-mails asking you to buy something. This e-mail offers you something simple (and free) in thanksgiving and in solidarity…in the hope that no matter what your plans are for this Thursday, you feel loved, valued, seen, safe, and vital.


It’s nearly Thanksgiving here in the US – my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving has always seemed to have its heart in the right place. Lately I’ve wondered if the heart of America is in its right place. It seems full of chaos, anger, and anxiety. I’ve witnessed the hurt and the hate and wondered how we can begin to listen to each other. Can we? Can we heal? I sincerely hope so. What part can I play in that healing? I want to help! How can I help protect my civil rights and those of my fellow Americans? How do I use my talents and my voice?

I am wobbling, but I come back again and again to my center – a little less scared each time. More determined. Ready. As I explore the best avenues for activism and prayer, I immediately rearranged my budget to donate more money to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the American Civil Liberty Union. I talked to local activists and offered my skills at project management and creativity to help them organize and plan.  I also joined the Artists for Love movement. It resonates in its inclusiveness; it’s a simple way (in these early days) to declare what I stand for.

And so I repeat again that you are loved, valued, seen, safe, and vital. I hold you in hope. I stand with you, no matter what comes.

I am happy to send you the file if you would like to make a copy for yourself. For the record, I know it’s not a perfect solution. It’s a tiny thing in the face of what looks to be a terrifying future – especially for those of us out on the edge. I get it. I am a gay woman and I too have wondered at the worthiness of a simple poster. Here’s the thing: hang it on your bathroom mirror; slide one into your desk drawer; put one up in the laundry room and know that I am thankful for you. Know that I stand with you. You are not alone. Your voice and your choices matter. I will continue to fight to protect your civil rights. Send me a message and I’ll send you the file.

In joy and thanksgiving,

Melinda Eliza


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