Creative Arts of Women Inside Show

Inside: Art, Travel, and The Interior Landscape


I enjoy the good company of local women artists as a member of the group Creative Arts of Women (CAW). We show together a few times a year, each of us riffing on a chosen theme.

The show openings are like a jazz set – syncopation and connection in equal measure. The City of Columbus made a short video of the opening of our most recent show, “Inside,” that really captures the spirit of our group and the show itself.¬†My painting and artist statement¬†are included in the video. {Note that I was on day 5 of the stomach flu; although nothing can dull the happiness of a show opening, I wasn’t exactly camera ready that night.}

If you’re reading this from central Ohio, please make time to visit the Cultural Arts Center and the CAW “Inside” show. It is open through April 15, 2017. You can find more information by clicking on the following link: CAW Inside Show.



The Goddess Guide
“The Guide” is my take on the sanctity of the inner landscape – it’s a discourse on how travel changes us.

Wall of artwork for Inside Show

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