Commission Artwork:

Surround yourself with the powerful energy of the divine feminine! Work directly with Melinda to commission a bespoke piece of art to commemorate a special event or loved one, or to celebrate life in a unique and lasting way.

A Commission is a collaborative creative Process. 
  1. Fill out the form below to get the conversation started! Tell Melinda a bit about your desires and intentions for the piece. Include as much of the following as possible: intention, intended audience, specific prayers, colors you prefer, words or symbols desired (if any), size preference (Melinda generally works in a 24″x36″ format), time frame for completion.
  2. Melinda will set up a time to discuss the details.
  3. A contract will be sent to you with the details of the commission.
  4. The signed contract as well as payment in full are due.
  5. Work begins!
  6. You will receive images of the altar Melinda creates as well as some of the initial-layer prayer details.
  7. Your artwork will be completed with great care, love, and artistry.
  8. Your artwork will be shipped with care; ready to hang.

Click here to learn more about Melinda’s unique painting process and to review a list of frequently asked questions.

A Physical Prayer:

“I was familiar with Melinda’s Goddess paintings, so when I wanted to honor a life-transition with art, I came to her. Melinda’s commission process was far more than simply talking about what I was looking for. It was a tender ritual that included me personally in her creative process. She worked with me to identify symbols that held personal significance for me so she could incorporate them into the piece. We blessed the canvas together and I even got to write my own prayer directly onto the canvas so my own aspiration lies under the painting. She took the time to talk with me about why I wanted it and what it meant to me. She turned the painting of in into a ritual of healing and support. The painting is not just a picture of the Goddess I asked for, it’s a physical prayer to her on my behalf. I’m no artist myself, but working with Melinda showed me what being an artist must be like. I’ll always be grateful to her for giving me such an intimate connection to the painting.”

-Angie Hilbert, Columbus Ohio

Please note that standard (non-rush) commissions are booked through August of 2017 at this time.