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THE GODDESS INSPIRED: I am inspired by the divine feminine. I also believe that words have great power. This portrait of the Goddess looks out on the world through a veil of inspiring words. Believe in the power of creativity. Believe in the power of words. Believe in the Goddess and the feminine divine that resides inside of you and inside us all.


THE MUSE OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS:  While visiting Egypt, I had the opportunity to view the night sky in the open desert. The stars were unbelievable and the Southern Cross was extraordinary. It was one of those moments in life full of incredible inspiration and connection to the divine. It changed the way I see the world. I replaced the Muse’s left eye with the Eye of Ra to represent those moments in life that change the way we look at the world. Believe in the power of creativity. Believe that travel can change the way you see everything. Be transformed by the divine. This mixed media piece was created with acrylic, gauche, and found objects (the beads of the earrings).

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