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Plan a New Creative Year: On Inspiration – Past, Present, & Future

2018 WISH RITUAL Tonight I wrote and burned a 2018 wish for you: May 2018 bring inspired joy and fruitful art-making in abundance. Your art might be cooking or quilting, painting or knitting, piano or creative writing – whatever it might be, I hope you have more time for creating and more joy in the act …

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Protect Yo HeART

Traveler’s Vision: The Link Between Travel & Creativity

My Muse LOVES to travel, so it’s fortunate I was born with a traveler’s heart. After being grounded for five long years due to a clotting disorder, I was recently cleared for long-distance air travel. Hurrah! Last month I went on a work trip to Miami, Florida. I got up early and I stayed up late to …

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Remnants of Creativity

The Remnants of Creativity

REMNANTS of CREATIVITY:  A few months ago, a group of amazing women artists that I’m a part of called CAW (Creative Arts for Women) announced a group show with the theme of “Remnants.”  I walked around with the idea of remnants for a while and played with literal and figurative ideas.  I’m finishing the last …

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How to Quickly Find Your Creative Flow

The Secret to Quickly Finding Your Creative Flow or Why Silliness is a Powerful Creative Tool

It can be difficult to find time for creative pursuits and even more challenging to transition into meaningful, creative production when we do find time.  I used to grumble in frustration about the amount of time I wasted moving into a place of creative flow until I developed a set of rituals to assist me …

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