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Protect Yo HeART

Traveler’s Vision: The Link Between Travel & Creativity

My Muse LOVES to travel, so it’s fortunate I was born with a traveler’s heart. After being grounded for five long years due to a clotting disorder, I was recently cleared for long-distance air travel. Hurrah! Last month I went on a work trip to Miami, Florida. I got up early and I stayed up late to …

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Remnants of Creativity

The Remnants of Creativity

REMNANTS of CREATIVITY:  A few months ago, a group of amazing women artists that I’m a part of called CAW (Creative Arts for Women) announced a group show with the theme of “Remnants.”  I walked around with the idea of remnants for a while and played with literal and figurative ideas.  I’m finishing the last …

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Travel and Creativity - The Creative Wellspring - "Reflection Michelangelo's David"

Travel and Creativity – The Creative Wellspring

The link between travel and creativity is the location of my personal, creative wellspring.  From inner journeys to overseas trips, there is creative freedom and joy in traveling. Do you always travel the same roads to the grocery story, the studio, work, and the gym? Do you primarily drive on highways?  The following exercise asks …

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