Goddess in Situ

Goddess Wisdom

The Goddess welcomes all visitors to our house and shines her light and love in the hearth of our home. Guests have remarked to date on her piercing gaze and hooded lids. I personally see wisdom in her eyes.

Angie Carr Klitzsch, Indiana

Turner Dining Room Turner Abstract Solo

Wedding Memories

“Guests in our house have complimented the artwork saying it matches our personality and energetic lifestyle. Once I tell them you read our vows before painting this, it becomes a more emotional piece and people are quiet as they look at it again through a different lens.

Happy can be such a lazy word to use. But when I look at this painting I feel happy. I genuinely feel contented and joyful. My mood feels upbeat and energetic. There is an instantaneous flashback of my wedding when I look at this painting and I reminisce on events from that day. I know you painted this after reading the vows Ben and I wrote to each other, so I feel your inspiration and our promises to each other are captured in this painting. The background has many, many small shapes and darker colors and I feel that every time I look at it, I find a new sequence of shapes and paintbrush strokes.

I am honored to have this painting in my house. In fact, we recently went through some old wedding boxes and found the crumpled up paper that Ben wrote his vows on on the day of our wedding. The ink is smeared from the rain and it’s weathered from being open and closed so many times in practice. We’re going to frame it and put it in the same room with this painting. It’s truly an honor to have someone I respect and admire so much in life create this painting about my marriage and our energy about life. Thank you Melinda!”

Amanda Turner, Ohio


Unique and Complex

“Her creativity and talent is endless.  A few years ago, she created three beautiful abstract pieces of art for my family.  Although the pieces are abstract, they speak perfectly to my husband, daughter and I.  The technique to which they were created is complex, unique, and extremely professional.  Each piece possesses a different movement and emotion, but all together, they are are cohesive unit.  I keep them by my front door to welcome in my family and friends.  I would highly recommend her art and point of view in your home.”

Connie Cook, Colorado



“I’ve always loved photography that inspires me to think of familiar scenes in a new way. This image of the Colosseum captivated me with its elegant simplicity, then prompted me to view this iconic building as a monument to artistic expression, not just a testament to the power of the empire that built it.”

Emily Modak, Ohio