Silenced Goddess

The Silenced Goddess


I’m not one to throw the word proud around lightly. I don’t subscribe it to my heritage, nationality, or alma mater. I only rarely use the word with my work. That said, I am proud of the painting I created for the upcoming art exhibition, “Silence is Death.”

“Silence is Death” is an exhibition in Columbus Ohio’s Franklinton Arts District which challenges hatred and celebrates diversity. Video, vocal, improv, 2D, 3D, installation, and performance art are included in the exhibition which ranges between five galleries.

My work is titled “The Silenced Goddess.” Her lips are sewn shut.

Lips sewn shut

The sides of the canvas feature phrases which have been said to me, my family, or my friends at work which demean the divinity of the subject. The idea for this piece began when a former boss said “Melinda is a fat feminist cunt, but she gets shit done.” He didn’t think I could hear him. I’ll never forget the impact of his words.

For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness. -Audrey Hepburn

Never doubt that words have incredible power. We’ve all said things we regret…callous, cruel things which harm others (whether they can hear us or not). I hope my work inspires those who see it to consider the impact of their own thoughts and words and to also consider what silences them from using their own authentic voice to speak words of truth and kindness. To me, despite the single tear, this Goddess shines with hope and fierce power; she will find her voice and speak her truths again.

Silenced Goddess
“The Silenced Goddess” Mixed media on canvas, 24″x36.”

The artists’ reception is Friday, March 10th from 7-11pm. Silence is Death runs March 5th through March 25th. Twenty percent of all sales go towards Planned Parenthood, Standing Rock, the ACLU, and Gladden House.  Click here to view the event’s Facebook page.

I hope you see you at the opening!

In joy,

Melinda Eliza

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