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The Big Whys Behind My Goddess and Angel Paintings – Or Why I Make Feminist Art


October has been a month of radically authentic conversations about art. These conversations feel like gifts from the heavens.

The theme was why: Why? Why do you create art? What’s your inspiration? What was the origin of this idea? What are you trying to say? What were you working through with this one? How does your process help to heal you? Why?


I’m a big believer in the why behind the what. I’m a super curious girl. I love insights into the inspiration of others. I admire the f&#k out of artists willing to strip away masks and expose incredible joys, intense shames, red-hot desires, and profound sadness. It takes courage. Lots of it. And it ain’t easy.

One conversation was particularly intense. We were able to break down our whys into pure emotion. For me, it’s about creating beauty out of pain

Goddess in Situ

am a global feminist who cares deeply about the lack of opportunity, education, respect, and safety for women all over the world. I create strong, positive images of the divine feminine. By transforming pain, I honor myself, my sisters, and my ancestors. 

Angel of HopeFeminism is a way of life. I donate my time and treasure. I vote. I speak for those who have no voices. I make art.

My heart longs for more real talk. Please leave a comment and tell me about your why.  What do you create? Why? I want to know. 

Angel of Creativity

In joy,



  1. Olwen says:

    I love your goddesses!

    While I wouldn’t call myself an artist, I am definitely creative. So I used to create because I can and because I want to. I now realize that in addition to those two reasons, me being creative and what I create inspires others to go out and make, build, do, play, sing, dance, paint, write, etc. I absolutely adore being around people who are passionate about what they’re doing, and most often those things involve exploring their creativity.

  2. Melinda Eliza says:

    Thank you Olwen-
    I love that your create action inspires others – who knows how far those ripples go!
    Aho, sister!

  3. Galia says:

    Oh love, hugs to both your joyful smile and your fierce power- may you have both, may we all have both (without it being forced upon us), to all the girls, mama, sisters, daughters, crones, walking goddess- women, may we all have Joyful Smiles and Fierce Power.

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