Top 10 Reasons Every Artist Needs A Studio Cat


Let me introduce you to the world’s best studio cat, Captain Wentworth. He’s named for my favorite Jane Austen hero and he’s my best buddy. Here are the top 10 reasons every artist needs a studio cat:

10. Studio cats are great list makers and renowned historians. Stay busy in the studio while your cat keeps track of who you sold that blue and grey abstract to last Spring.


9. Yoga! Let your cat know that you’d like a yoga break and he’ll happily set your yoga equipment up for you. Warning: Studio cat may jump on your back while you’re in downward dog and will likely lie on your tummy during Savasana, which leads me to reason #8…


8. In the mood for a quick nap while the paint dries? Studio cat will be happy to cuddle with you – even if you’re still wearing your painting clothes.


7. Studio cats are known for their keen sentry skills. Your cat will watch for (and fight off) distractions while you focus on painting.


6. Your studio cat will let you know when it’s time for fresh air and exercise. As with your yoga equipment, he’ll happily arrange your shoes for you while you wash out your brushes. Note that he will not release his grip on your shoes until all the brushes are clean.


5. Save money on heating and cooling bills! Studio cat is happy to monitor the exact temperature of the room.


4. Need assistance writing sales goals or creating a budget? Studio cats (especially gingers) are excellent business advisors.


3. Naturally flexible, your studio cat will often assume instructive poses meant to reflect art fundamentals. In this photo, Captain Wentworth exhibits three of the basic elements of art: color, form, and space.


2. Cats are brutally honest critics. Want to know how your work-in-progress is going? Your cat would love to give you his opinion. {Captain Wentworth is not impressed.}
2. It is a truth universally acknowledged that cats are brutally honest art critics. Want to know how your work-in-progress is going? Studio cat would love to give you his frank opinion! Pictured here: Captain Wentworth is not impressed.


1. Cats make great subject matter! Your studio cat will be happy to pose for you as you follow an artistic tradition as old as the pyramids. Click the photo above to check out the Brooklyn Museum’s incredible exhibition, Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt. Pictured here: Leonine Goddess (770–412 B.C.E.) – photo © Brooklyn Museum.

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In joy,

Melinda Eliza

P.S. For all you dog lovers out there: I think everyone needs a co-pilot puppy companion too.  Here’s a picture of me and my parent’s pup Junie on a recent adventure in my MINI. I’m her third favorite human and she’s my favorite dog in the whole universe.


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