Travel and Creativity - The Creative Wellspring - "Reflection Michelangelo's David"

Travel and Creativity – The Creative Wellspring


Reflection-of-The-DavidThe link between travel and creativity is the location of my personal, creative wellspring.  From inner journeys to overseas trips, there is creative freedom and joy in traveling.

Do you always travel the same roads to the grocery story, the studio, work, and the gym? Do you primarily drive on highways?  The following exercise asks you to re-frame your idea of the daily commute and approach your day-to-day travels with the intent of exploring your world.

Creativity Boosting Exercise: Travel one day per week without highways. 

  • Purpose:  Take the back roads.  See your neighborhood and town as you’ve never seen it before, or haven’t seen it in years.
    • Alternate:  If you are already traveling the back roads, try taking a different route one day a week.
  • Why #1:  When you travel unfamiliar roads you develop your ability to see and live in the moment.
  • Why #2:  Driving is the exact kind of focused inattention that puts you into a relaxed brain state conducive to creativity.
  • Why #3:  There are more stories on the back roads and good art is often built on good story.
  • Why #4:  Transform your “just another morning commute” into a creative adventure. Take back your life and see travel as a fun and interesting part of your day.
  • Bonus points #1:  Add in a day of pure public transportation.
  • Bonus points #2:  If you get so lost you have to ask for directions, ask the person who helps you find your way a question about their life.  Make a connection with a stranger.
  • Bonus points #3:  Take your camera and journal along with you to record your adventure.

I’d love to hear about how a day without highways changes your perspective.  How did it inspire you?  What did you see?

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

In joy,

Melinda Eliza

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