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South Beach street art: fierce truths on the sidewalk.

Traveler’s Vision: The Link Between Travel & Creativity


My Muse LOVES to travel, so it’s fortunate I was born with a traveler’s heart. After being grounded for five long years due to a clotting disorder, I was recently cleared for long-distance air travel. Hurrah!

Oh the absolute joy of flying again!

Last month I went on a work trip to Miami, Florida. I got up early and I stayed up late to explore as much of the city as I could. Miami is a diverse, vibrant, tropical city full of street art, spicy food, and passionate souls. As I walked her streets and beaches and spoke to her people, I felt my traveler’s vision come alive again.

My stoic reaction to seeing the ocean for the first time in 7 years: HELLO MAMA OCEAN! Hot sand! Sunshine! Waves! Pelicans! Coral and seashells! 

Traveler’s Vision: Do you know about traveler’s vision? Do you see and take joy in tiny details when you travel? Does your heart beat faster? Do you feel more alive? Do you recognize the beating pulse of the world as you listen to strangers tell stories? If you do, then we’re kindred spirits. I call this phenomenon traveler’s vision.

If I could decipher the hieroglyphs of palm trees, they would tell me tall tales of tempests and first kisses.

Screw running – traveling is the best natural high in the world. It’s the kind of surrender that feeds creativity and nourishes your weary Muse. Open-hearted travel wakes up your senses and helps you see everything in a fresh way.

Travel = amplified senses = traveler’s vision = sated Muse = inspired art.

FullSizeRender 2
This tint of green is the unofficial color of Miami. It’s everywhere from grocery store bathrooms, to table vases at fancy restaurants, to your taxi driver’s fingernails. I plan to feature it in upcoming paintings.

If you can, make more time for adventure – your art will thank you for it!

South Beach street art...truth.
South Beach street art – fierce truths on the sidewalk.

My Muse is content (for now). We are busy working on three new goddess canvases for upcoming shows. While we wait for layers to dry we are considering adventures to Cuba and the UK.

Sunrise Yoga 3rd Street Beach
Sunrise yoga at 3rd Street Beach was an unforgettable experience!

In joy,

Melinda Eliza

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